17th CAREC Transport Sector Coordinating Committee Meeting


CAREC member countries continue to work together in implementing the Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020 (TTFS 2020), which prioritizes the completion of the six strategic multimodal transport corridors.

In 2017, the CAREC member countries endorsed the revision of the multimodal corridors, extending Corridor 2 to include Georgia and expand the CAREC multimodal network to the Black Sea ports and the land border with Turkey.

Beyond the implementation of physical investment projects, TTFS 2020 also highlights CAREC countries’ emphasis on the soft interventions, which are required to maximize the effectiveness of such investment projects. To this end, the rolling Transport Sector Work Plan (2017–2019) includes actions in the areas of (i) road asset management, (ii) road safety, (iii) transport facilitation, and (iv) railways.

During the 16th Transport Sector Coordinating Committee meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, CAREC member countries endorsed the inclusion of aviation as a new priority area of cooperation.

In 2017, the 16th Ministerial Conference on CAREC endorsed CAREC 2030, which provides a new long-term strategic framework for the CAREC program. Under CAREC 2030, transport is part of a broader operational cluster encompassing infrastructure and economic connectivity. Given that the implementation timeframe of TTFS 2020 is close to completion, the transport sector now faces new opportunities to examine its strategic direction beyond 2020 under the CAREC 2030 agenda.


In light of the above, the 17th Transport Sector Coordinating Committee (TSCC) meeting (i) reviewed the implementation progress of the TTFS 2020 and the Transport Sector Work Plan (2017–2019); (ii) discussed issues of key importance to the transport sector including railways, road safety, asset management, transport facilitation, and aviation; and (iii) examined new opportunities for the transport sector under CAREC 2030.

Key Documents

Agenda | РУССКИЙ

Participants | РУССКИЙ

Summary of Proceedings | РУССКИЙ

Transport Sector Progress Report and Work Plan 2018-2020 | РУССКИЙ

Presentation Materials

CAREC Transport Progress Report | РУССКИЙ

Sustainable Transport Development in Asia and the Pacific | РУССКИЙ

Economic Effects of Infrastructure in Asia-Pacific: Needs, Impacts, and Finance | РУССКИЙ

Better Alignment with CAREC 2030 and Refinement of Transport Results Framework | РУССКИЙ

Progress in Transport Priority Areas: Railways | РУССКИЙ

Road Asset Management | РУССКИЙ

Cross-Border Transport and Logistics Facilitation | РУССКИЙ

Main Border-Crossing Facilitation Conventions | РУССКИЙ

Status of the TIR Implementation System in CAREC | РУССКИЙ

Role of TOBB as Issuing and Guaranteeing Association in Turkey | РУССКИЙ


Road Safety: Implementing the CAREC Road Safety Strategy | РУССКИЙ

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Afghanistan | РУССКИЙ

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People’s Republic of China | РУССКИЙ

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Pakistan | РУССКИЙ

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Turkey | РУССКИЙ

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Uzbekistan | РУССКИЙ

Development Partners

OECD-ITF: Enhancing Connectivity in Central Asia | РУССКИЙ

Presentation by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) | РУССКИЙ

TRACECA: Connecting people and businesses, Ways and possibilities | РУССКИЙ

UNECE and the Sustainable Transport Division | РУССКИЙ

Presentation by Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) | РУССКИЙ

Presentation by Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) | РУССКИЙ