CAREC 2030 Institutional Framework

CAREC 2030 will be implemented through a renewed institutional framework that promotes member countries’ active and sustained participation in CAREC at both policy and project level. The renewed institutional framework is guided by the following elements:

  • Building strong countries’ ownership at both senior and technical working levels.
  • Enhancing the role of development partners , including capitalizing on their areas of expertise and resources to maximize their contribution to the expanded CAREC agenda.
  • Establishing integrated groupings to activate cross-linkages between sectors, and create synergies.
  • Introducing an incremental approach to building up implementation modalities in the new areas and fine-tuning these modalities over time based on progress.
  • Retaining flexibility and pragmatism by allowing two or more countries to implement regional projects and initiatives agreed on by all members.
  • Strengthening engagement with the private sector and civil society at all levels.

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The Ministerial Conference functions as a high-level strategy-setting and policy body, and exercises overall accountability over the results of the CAREC Program. The Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) monitors progress at the cluster and sector levels and is vested with the authority to consider and endorse complex multi-country and multisector projects.

Sector committees will continue to exercise full operational authority to discuss and develop options and recommendations for their respective areas of competence. In addition, a flexible and demand-driven mechanism of expert groups will be constituted to provide rapid responses to countries’ emerging priorities and changing needs.

Each CAREC country has appointed a senior government official as CAREC national focal point to ensure effective coordination among all relevant agencies and other interested parties in matters related to regional economic cooperation. ADB serves as the CAREC Secretariat.