CAREC Project Portfolio

From 2001 to 2022 (as of June 2022), $45.7 billion worth of CAREC-related investments have been made covering 246 projects (View full list of projects). Of this, more than $16.9 billion has been financed by ADB, more than $19.4 billion by other development partners, and more than $9 billion from CAREC governments.

Of these investments, transport has the biggest share, with about 71%, or more than $32 billion; energy accounts for 22%, or more than $10 billion; and trade accounts for 3%, or $1.4 billion.

As of June 2022, CAREC-related technical assistance (TA) projects have reached nearly $581.31 million (View full list of TA projects).

A. Amount of CAREC Investments (as of June 2022, in $ million)

B. Amount of CAREC Investments by Financier (as of June 2022, in $ million)

C. Amount of Loans and Grants (as of June 2022, in $ million)

D. Amount of CAREC Investments by Country (as of June 2022, in $ million)

E. ADB-Financed CAREC Projects (as of June 2022, in $ million)