Program Results Framework

The CAREC 2030 Program Results Framework (PRF) demonstrates the results chain, leading from CAREC interventions to the expected outputs, and the targeted outcomes in each operational cluster that will contribute to the impact of “sustainable economic development and shared prosperity in the CAREC region.” The results framework will help member countries and the CAREC Secretariat monitor progress on CAREC 2030.

See also: CAREC 2030: Connecting the Region for Shared and Sustainable Development

The PRF, endorsed during the 19th Ministerial Conference held on 7 December 2020, covers the five priority clusters namely, Economic and Financial Stability; Trade, Tourism, and Economic Corridors; Infrastructure and Economic Connectivity; Agriculture and Water; and Human Development. It will also track the three cross-cutting themes – Information and Communication Technology, mitigation of climate change impact, and gender mainstreaming as part of the clusters. The PRF includes indicators, baseline data, and data sources at outcome and output levels and is prepared by the CAREC secretariat in coordination with ADB sector focal points feedback provided by the CAREC member countries. The PRF will be used to report CAREC Program’s progress through a Development Effectiveness Report (DEfR) to be prepared every three years.

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