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Climate Adaptive Water Resources Management in the Aral Sea Basin Sector Project

The proposed project will build on lessons learned from past and ongoing projects of ADB in water resources in Uzbekistan. It will undertake a long-term, strategic and knowledge-based approach. The project will deliver climate adaptive solutions to water resources management by modernizing irrigation and drainage in selected subprojects within the Amu Darya and (selective reaches of the) Zarafshan River Basins in Uzbekistan.

CAREC Corridor Development Investment Program (MFF, Tranche 2 )

Tranche 2 is aligned with the overall design of the MFF with the impact of regional connectivity and trade in the CAREC corridors enhanced, and will have the following outcome and the outcome of efficiency for road traffic along the CAREC corridors improved. Tranche 2 will deliver the two outputs: (i) to dualize the 222-km Shikarpur-Rajanpur section of N55 on the existing alignment to make the section a four-lane carriageway; and (ii) to help NHA to implement its upcoming training program for 5 years (2021-2025).

Strengthening Knowledge and Capacities for the Design and Implementation of Free Trade Agreements Involving CAREC Countries

The technical assistance (TA) will expand global and regional trade and investment opportunities expanded (Pillar 2 of ADB Strategy 2030 Operational Priority 7: Fostering Regional Cooperation and Integration) and enhance the integration of CAREC countries in the global economy (CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda 2030 and Rolling Strategic Action Plan 2018 2020).

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