21st CAREC Transport Sector Coordinating Committee Meeting


During 2022-2023, following the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CAREC developing member countries succeeded in mitigating negative impacts of the pandemic but encountered new challenges in the global and regional logistics and transport operations. Despite the recent ongoing geopolitical instability, the regional transportation system demonstrated strong resilience and adaptability to new challenges. The CAREC member countries and development partners continued converging their priorities and advanced coordinated work towards achieving regional targets under all pillars of the CAREC Transport Strategy 2030: (i) road network development and road asset management, (ii) road safety, (iii) cross-border transport and logistics, (iv) railways and (v) aviation.

The upcoming 21st CAREC Transport Sector Coordinating Committee (TSCC) meeting will discuss the ongoing and planned investment projects and policy actions of the CAREC development member countries (DMC) and their needs for financial and technical assistance from the international development community. The CAREC development partners will respond by summarizing their technical assistance activities and investment priorities, aligned with the CAREC DMC’s needs. The meeting will all discuss key initiatives and knowledge products completed and ongoing under all five pillars of the CAREC Transport Strategy 2030 and will set the objectives for the 2024-2026 work program.

A. Key Documents

01 Agenda | RU

02 List of Participants | RU

03 Summary of Proceedings | RU

04 Transport Sector Progress Report and Work Plan | RU

B. Transport Pillar Presentations

  1. CAREC Program: focus areas and priority actions
  2.  Railways
  3. Cross-border Transport and Logistics
  4. Aviation
  5. Road Network Planning and Road Asset Management Systems
  6. Road Safety
  7. Transport in CAREC – Future areas
  8. TSCC Summary | RU

C. Country Transport Priority Programs (by cluster)

Cluster 1:  Connecting East and Central Asia

Cluster 2: Caucasus and Caspian Region

Cluster 3: Connecting South and Central Asia

D. Development Partners