CAREC Tourism: Working Group Meeting and Capacity Building Workshop

The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) program convened the concluding Tourism Working Group Meeting and Capacity Building Workshop in Istanbul, Türkiye, from 25-27 June. This event focused on assessing the progress and sustainability of outputs under the RETA 9776-REG initiative. Key discussions centered on the long-term success of the CAREC VisitSilkRoad portal, the potential of the regional tourism industry, the development of regional tourism products, visa facilitation, and the establishment of a collaborative tourism office to enhance regional cooperation. 

The workshop brought together over 40 participants, including government officials, tourism professionals, and private sector representatives from 10 CAREC member countries. The program emphasized the importance of a compelling regional approach to promoting tourism products that highlight the unique attractions of the region. It also aimed at building a robust regional tourism brand and leveraging the rich cultural heritage of CAREC countries to enhance visitor experiences. 

Discussions were led by Zulfia Karimova from CWRC, Ramola Singru and Wouter Schalken from SG-WUD, and Kenzhekhan Abuov from KARM. Mr. Nurtas Karipbayev, Chairperson of the Committee of Tourism Industry, Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Kazakhstan, co-chaired the event. 

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