20th CAREC Transport Sector Coordinating Committee Meeting


The 20th Transport Sector Coordinating Committee (TSCC) meeting will review status of reports and manuals completed under all five pillars of the CAREC Transport Strategy 2030 and will set the objectives for the 2023-2024 work program. The meeting will discuss plans for dissemination and implementation of recommendations of multiple reports completed during 2020-2023 period.

Responding to the climate agenda, CAREC Development Member Countries and Development Partners prioritized the Paris Agreement Alignment (PAA) agenda in their transport programs. The CAREC Transport Secretariat will propose to introduce the PAA in the CAREC Transport Strategy 2030 as the cross-pilar initiative and to develop a scoping study to guide the program in promoting the PAA agenda in the CAREC Transport program.

The TSCC meeting will also discuss achievements and challenges all transport pillars under the CAREC Transport Strategy 2030 such as railways, road asset management, road safety, cross-border transport and logistics, and aviation. Following discussions, the meeting will approve a draft action plan of the CAREC Transport activities for 2023-2024.

A. Key Documents

  1. Agenda | RU
  2. Participants
  3. Summary of Proceedings | RU
  4. Transport Sector Progress Report and Work Plan | RU
  5. 20th TSCC Presentation to Senior Officials’ Meeting

B. Transport Pillar Presentations

01 Transport Priority Areas – Progress and Action Plan

02 Railways – Summary of the 7th RWG Meeting | RU

03 Cross-border Transport and Logistics – Summary of activities | RU

04 Aviation – Summary of activities

05 Road Asset Management Systems

06 Road Safety

07 Special Session

C. Country Transport Priority Programs (by cluster)

Cluster 1: Caucasus and Caspian Region

Cluster 2: Connecting East and Central Asia

Cluster 3: Connecting South and Central Asia

D. Development Partners