19th CAREC Transport Sector Coordinating Committee Meeting


COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the global economic development and impacted regional logistics systems. During the two pandemic years, the CAREC Transport program produced reports and manuals under all pillars of the CAREC Transport Strategy 2030, focusing on the most important transportation issues and decision in: (i) road asset management, (ii) road safety, (iii) cross-border transport and logistics, (iv) railways and (v) aviation. Since March 2020 all training activities and discussions were done online. With significant reduction of the pandemic risks, a window of opportunity emerged to have the first post-pandemic meeting of the CAREC transport authorities and development partners.


The 19th Transport Sector Coordinating Committee (TSCC) meeting is dedicating special attention to the post-COVID recovery in transport and logistics services. The topic of the 19th CAREC TSCC is Improving CAREC transport connectivity through efficient logistics infrastructure and services. Pertaining to the main theme, the CAREC Transport Secretariat presented completed and ongoing studies and manuals in ports and logistics, design of logistics centers, and aviation freight services; while CAREC Developing Member Countries and development partners presented their achievements and plans in developing multimodal logistics facilities and services.

The TSCC meeting will discuss achievements and challenges in other transport pillars under the CAREC Transport Strategy 2030 such as in railways, road asset management, road safety, cross-border transport and logistics, and aviation. Following discussions, the meeting will approve a draft action plan of the CAREC Transport activities for 2023.

Key Documents

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Development Partners

Country Presentations (by cluster)

Cluster 1: Caucasus and Caspian Region

Cluster 2: Connecting East and Central Asia

Cluster 3: Connecting South and Central Asia

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