First Regional Workshop on Trilateral Economic Corridor Development

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan commit to joining efforts in developing cross-border economic corridor

On 5-6 December in Tashkent, the first regional workshop on economic corridor development among Shymkent (Kazakhstan), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), and Khujand (Tajikistan) cities and their surrounding oblasts STKEC was jointly organized with the Tashkent oblast administration with ADB support. Vice Minister of Culture and Sport, Urken Bissakayev; Deputy Governor of the Tashkent oblast administration, Jamshid Abdusalamov; and Deputy Governor of the Sughd oblast administration, Anvar Yakubi, and development partners joined more than 80 participants from government agencies, business communities of the three countries. They deliberated on the vision, priority areas, actions needed, as well as draft institutional set-up and preliminary list of investment projects in STKEC development. CD Cynthia Malvicini opened the workshop. CWRC Director Safdar Parvez moderated sessions and highlighted the potential and importance of country ownership in STKEC development.

Key Documents

TA9630 Regional Workshop Concept Note & Agenda Final (EN | RU)

List of Participants – STKECD Regional Workshop – EN

Final Summary of Discussion (EN | RU)


Session 1 – Presentation at Regional Workshop (EN | RU)

Session 2 – Presentation on Trade (EN | RU

Session 3 – Presentation by Kamalov Bakhtiyor ((EN | RU)

Session 3 – Presentation Shymkent АИЗ (EN | RU)

Session 4 – Presentation on SPS by Xu Jun (EN | RU)

Session 4 – Quality Infrastructure by Lenur Eredjepov (EN | RU)

Session 5 – Presentation on Tourism by Gulmira (EN | RU)

Session 5 – Presentation by Carmen – EN

Session 6 – Presentation by Rose McKenzie – EN