Virtual Regional Workshop on Authorised Economic Operators Program

TA 9824: Better Customs for Better Client Services in Central Asia, a project under the Asian Development Bank, aims to foster inclusive economic growth and support the readiness of Central Asian countries to comply with existing international trade facilitation commitments such as the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Program and new or evolving requirements.

The technical workshop will tackle the basic principles of the AEO Program to raise awareness on the underlying requisites in setting up uniform sets of strategies and optimizing Customs control and facilitate the movement of global trade. The following are the strategic activities in supporting the objectives:

  • Gain a better understanding of the main obstacles and bottlenecks that may hinder further development in making the AEO program effective and dynamic;
  • Convey a holistic approach in implementing an efficient and affective AEO program citing best practices of other countries in designing the criteria for accreditation for multiple levels, important areas for MRA negotiations, inclusion of other potential operators to benefit from the AEO scheme;
  • Identify gaps and challenges facing both the government and trading community regarding the lack of regular trainings for evaluators on the proper methods of evaluation and validation, especially on determination of financial stability, IT policy, business continuity and information security measures; and
  • Assist CAREC countries that do not have AEO programs in mapping their needs in each identified area.

Key Documents

Agenda | RU

List of Participants


Session 1 – AEO Key Messaging and Benefits | RUS

Session 3 – Indonesia AEO Authorization ProgramRUS

Session 3 – PRC Validation Criteria of China Customs’ AEO Program | RUS

Session 4 – AEO Validator’s Guide | RUS

Session 6 – PRC Modern Technology in the AEO program | RUS

Supported under KSTA 9824: Better Customs for Better Client Services in Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Countries, co-funded by the Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund; the PRC Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund; United Kingdom Fund for Asia Regional Trade and Connectivity, and Republic of Korea e-Asia and Knowledge Partnership Fund.