Fourth CAREC Railway Working Group Meeting


The 11 CAREC member countries are currently implementing Unlocking the Potential of Railways: A Railway Strategy for CAREC, 2017–2030, which was developed to serve as a guiding document for the sound, long-term development of CAREC railways.

To accelerate the implementation of the railway strategy, ADB recently approved a regional technical assistance (TA) Railway Sector Development in CAREC Countries with financial support from the People’s Republic of China Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund and the United Kingdom Fund for Asia Regional Trade and Connectivity.

Meeting Objectives

The CAREC Railway Working Group (RWG) met to agree on practical measures to implement the CAREC Railway Strategy. In particular, the RWG reviewed the proposed approach to the new TA project and agree on how it may be optimized for the effective implementation of the strategy in the following key areas:

  • Sector assessments, to identify the key strengths and opportunities for further improvement of the railway subsector in each CAREC member country.
  • Development of a subregional rail traffic model to allow for a data-driven approach to railway corridor development.
  • Project preparation, to be guided by sound principles and to be supported by the TA.
  • Capacity development, knowledge products, and events, aligned with CAREC member country needs.

Key Documents

Agenda | РУССКИЙ

Participants | РУССКИЙ

Summary of Proceedings | РУССКИЙ


Session 1: Recalling the Vision and Priorities of the CAREC Railway Strategy 2030

Recalling the Vision and Priorities of the CAREC Railway Strategy 2030 | РУССКИЙ

Case Study: Revitalization of Rail Freight Services | РУССКИЙ

Session 2: Introduction to the CAREC Railway Sector Development Technical Assistance 2019-2021

Introduction of TA Activities, Outputs, and Outcomes | РУССКИЙ

Session 3: Country Rail Subsector Assessments

Sector Assessment | РУССКИЙ

Strengthening International Railway Transport in the ESCAP Region | РУССКИЙ

Session 4: Railway Project Preparation Facility

Railway Project Preparation Facility | РУССКИЙ

Session 5: CAREC Rail Transport Model Development

What does the Freight Market Want from Railways? | РУССКИЙ

The Transport Modelling Approach | РУССКИЙ

Five Modelling Questions | РУССКИЙ

Session 6: Capacity Development and Knowledge Support

Capacity Development and Knowledge Support | РУССКИЙ

Case Study: Revitalization of Regional Rail Passenger Services | РУССКИЙ

APRA Project Incubator | РУССКИЙ

Session 7: CAREC Railway TA Planning

TA Implementation Arrangements and Action Plan | РУССКИЙ

UTY Brochure

Prospective Railway Projects | РУССКИЙ