Highways Workshop


The CAREC Transport program continues to embark on activities that aim to support an agile, resilient, and reliable transport sector among CAREC DMCs. Along these lines, the CAREC Transport program organized workshops and launched important knowledge products on transport over the current work plan period. The Highways Workshop will focus on road asset management systems (RAMS) and road safety (RS) pillars. The main objectives of the workshop are to report on progress achieved in the road asset management and road safety pillars, knowledge sharing session on the recent manuals completed and under preparation.

Key Documents

01 Agenda | RU

02 Participants


Day 1: Road Asset Management

Introduction to objectives and agenda of the road asset management

Session 1:    Road Funds and Road User Charges in the CAREC Region | RU

Session 2:    Road Asset Management Maturity Framework and Lessons Learnt from SASEC | RU

Session 3:    Performance-based Contracts in the CAREC Region | RU

Session 4:    Monitoring of Road Asset Management in the CAREC Region | RU

Day 2: Road Safety

Session 1:    Introduction to objectives and agenda of the road safety workshop | RU

Session 2:    Road Safety in CAREC Region – State of Play | RU

Session 3:    Taking stock of progress in the Decade of Action 2021-2030 | RU

Session 4:    Speed Management | RU

Session 5:    Blackspot Investigation | RU

Session 8:    Session 8: Traffic safety and road infrastructure management activities in the Kyrgyz Republic | RU