Forum on Developing Sustainable Economic Zones in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Region

Chaired by the Minister of Economy and Development of Mongolia, and co-organized by the World Free Zone Organization and the CAREC Institute, the forum was attended by 85 on-site and 58 virtual participants. The forum discussed new concepts and paradigm shift on the role of special economic zones (SEZs) as instruments, contributing to more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable economies. Participants shared best practices, lessons on what worked or did not, and how countries respond to emerging issues and challenges faced by SEZs globally and among CAREC countries. The forum highlighted the need to (i) innovate and promote digital economy and the use of digital technology and adopting reforms to provide sound legal and regulatory framework and arrangements including public-private partnership (PPP) and ensuring adequate human resources for promoting service-oriented industries through skills upgrading; (ii) promote environmental sustainability and social inclusion, which includes going green, ensuring healthy and safe zones, and increasing participation of SMEs; and (iii) enhance connectivity through trade facilitation, economic corridor development and regional cooperation.   

Supported under KSTA 9712: Implementing the Integrated Trade Agenda in the CAREC Program, co-funded by the Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund and the PRC Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund (PRCF).

Key Documents

AgendaРусский | Mongolian

List of Participants

Presentations: Session 1 | Advancing a New Generation of Economic Zones for Sustainable Development and the Free Zones of the Future

  • Free Zone of the Future (English, Russian) 
  • Sustainable Special Economic Zones (English, Russian) 
  • Developing Economic Zones for Sustainable Development (English, Russian) 
  • Advancing a New Generation of Economic Zones for Sustainable Development and the Free Zones of the Future (English, Russian) 
  • Best Practices & Practical Approaches to SEZ Development in Asian Region (English, Russian) 

Presentations: Session 2 | Best Practices from New Generation of Economic Zones and Emerging Challenges from Other Countries

  • The Place of Economic Zones in DP World Value Chain (English) 
  • Philippine Ecozone Developments via Public-Private Partnerships (English, Russian) 
  • The Experience of the Incheon Free Economic Zone  (English, Russian) 
  • How Digital Trade Can Improve Trade Between Free Zones (English, Russian) 
  • Ensuring Environmental Sustainability and Safe Zones (English, Russian) 
  • Healthy and Safe Economic Zones in CAREC (English, Russian) 
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (English, Russian) 

Presentations: Session 3 | CAREC Countries Experience in Developing Economic Zones