CAREC National Road Safety Engineering Workshop (Kyrgyz Republic)

To promote road safety in the region, CAREC is holding a series of national workshops on road safety engineering. The 4-day technical training program is designed to assist road agencies in CAREC countries in providing safer roads.

The workshop focuses on Pillar 2 (Safer Roads) of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. It follows the recently published CAREC Road Safety Engineering Manuals (Road Safety Audit, Safer Road Works, and Roadside Hazard Management).

The first national workshop was held in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

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Kyrgyz Republic Deputy Minister of Transport and Roads Bakyt Berdaliev welcomed the participants and highlighted the CAREC road safety strategy and its activities.

Over 30 representatives from government, academia, and civil society attended the workshop. Participants investigated high crash frequency sites and visited a road project to practice road safety audit. Asian Development Bank Kyrgyz Republic Resident Mission Country Director Candice McDeigan delivered concluding remarks.

Key Documents

Agenda | РУССКИЙ


Training Materials

Summary of Bishkek RSE workshop

Road Safety Engineering—The Essentials | РУССКИЙ

Roadside Hazard Management | РУССКИЙ

Signs, Markings, and Delineation | РУССКИЙ

Pedestrian Safety | РУССКИЙ

Investigating Blackspots | РУССКИЙ

An Introduction to Road Safety Audit | РУССКИЙ

Safer Traffic Control at Road Works—The Essentials | РУССКИЙ

Intersection Safety | РУССКИЙ

Managing the Road Safety Audit Process | РУССКИЙ

Bishkek Presentations

Junction Blackspot—Bishkek

Cross Road Intersection on Bishkek–Kara Balta Road—What can we do to reduce crashes?

Pedestrian Crossing: Bishkek–Kara Balta Road

Road Crash Analysis as Component for the Road Safety Strategy Development in Kyrgyz Republic | РУССКИЙ