CAREC Road Safety Engineering Manual 3: Roadside Hazard Management


Single vehicle “run-off road” crashes are a significant problem on CAREC roads. They are particularly severe and can occur anywhere and at any time. Identifying, investigating, and treating roadside hazards are significant road safety challenges along CAREC highways. It uses a roadside hazard management strategy and the clear zone concept to explain how CAREC road authorities can (i) identify roadside hazards, (ii) investigate how best to treat those roadside hazards, and (iii) implement effective safety improvements. The manual explains the three groups of safety barriers and offers options for safer roadside furniture.

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About the CAREC Road Safety Engineering Manuals

The series of road safety engineering manuals of the CAREC Program came from the endorsement of the CAREC Road Safety Strategy 2017-2030 by member countries. The strategy supports and encourages CAREC authorities to plan, design, construct, and maintain safe roads.