7th Railway Working Group Meeting


The main objectives of the seventh meeting of the RWG are to report on progress achieved in TA implementation, agree on next steps, and share knowledge and experience on railway commercialization, reform and investment:

  • Update the RWG on ongoing and planned TA activities
  • Share experiences and lessons on selected topics
  • Discuss actions for rail freight corridor development
  • Agree on next steps in TA implementation

A. Key Documents

01 Agenda| RU

02 Participants

03 Opening Remarks, Georgian Railways | RU

04 Summary of Proceedings | RU

B. Presentations

Session 1: Update on TA activities and Work Plan | RU

Session 2: Beyond corridors – enabling successful corridor development | RU

Session 3: Marketing and sales in railway freight organization | RU

Workshop 1: Infrastructure maintenance management | RU

Session 4: Rolling stock financing | RU

Session 5: Implementing a Strategy; lessons learned from Azerbaijan Railways | RU

Workshop 2: Rail Asset Management | RU

Session 6: Selection of TA Prefeasibility and Knowledge Support | RU

International Union of Railways (UIC) | RU

C. Country Presentations

Georgia | RU


Uzbekistan | RU