Workshop on Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring and CAREC Results-Based Framework

The third workshop on Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring (CPMM) was held to improve the quality of data collection and gather detailed feedback on preliminary findings of the 2009 3rd Quarter CPMM Report. The meeting also discussed trade facilitation indicators for the CAREC Results Framework.

The CPMM program regularly collects and analyzes transport and border crossing performance data in terms of time and cost in six CAREC corridors to identify and address bottlenecks.

Workshop participants included officials and coordinators of partner associations that collect data for the CPMM program.

Workshop participants also visited the Khorgos border-crossing point facilities in the People’s Republic of China and Kazakhstan on 3 March 2010 to observe operations in these facilities.

Khorgos handles the majority of cargo transport by road between these two countries. A joint special economic zone is being developed in the border area to facilitate transport and trade logistics operations as well as product processing.

Event Materials