Consultation Meeting with CAREC National Focal Points (2019)

CAREC national focal points and development partners met to deliberate on the final draft CAREC Transport Strategy 2030 and CAREC Energy Strategy 2030, with an aim of endorsement at the 18th CAREC Ministerial Conference in November.

Uzbekistan’s First Deputy Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade Alisher Abdualiev chaired the meeting. Asian Development Bank (ADB) Central and West Asia Department (CWRD) Director General Werner Liepach, East Asia Department Director General Amy Leung, and CWRD Senior Advisor Muhammad Ehsan Khan co-chaired the meeting.

Key Documents

Agenda | РУССКИЙ


Summary of Discussions | РУССКИЙ

18th CAREC Ministerial Conference Joint Ministerial Statement (Draft) | РУССКИЙ

CAREC Transport Strategy 2030 (Draft) | РУССКИЙ

CAREC Energy Strategy 2030 (Draft) | РУССКИЙ

CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda 2030 (Progress Report) | РУССКИЙ

Developing the CAREC Gender Strategy Consultation Meeting | РУССКИЙ


Session 1: CAREC Transport Strategy 2030 | РУССКИЙ

Session 2: CAREC Energy Strategy 2030 | РУССКИЙ

Session 3: CAREC 2030 Implementation Progress | РУССКИЙ

Session 4a: CAREC Trade Sector | РУССКИЙ

Session 4b: First CAREC Capital Market Regulators Forum | РУССКИЙ

Session 5: Mainstreaming Gender in the Implementation of CAREC 2030 | РУССКИЙ

Session 6: Outcomes of the 4th CAREC Think Tanks Development Forum | РУССКИЙ