CAREC Training on International Trade in Services and Digital Economy Statistics for Mongolia

The services sector has become the largest contributor to GDP, and international trade in services has also become the most dynamic segment of world trade, growing more quickly than trade in goods. At the same time, digital transactions have become the norm around the world. Statistical monitoring by governments must be able to keep up with these trends if statistics are to reliably present a country’s condition. Good statistical capacity and output are important for policy evaluation and strategy formulation. The objective therefore is to strengthen Mongolia’s system of compiling, processing, and reporting statistics on trade in services and the digital economy by training national agencies that are charged with such responsibility.


Policymakers and technical specialists from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Ministry of Economy and Development (MED), Ministry of Digital Development and Communications (MDDC), National Statistics Office (NSO), Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC), Central Bank of Mongolia (CBM), Mongolia Customs General Administration (MCGA) and other relevant agencies.

The activity is supported by TA 9712-REG: Implementing the Integrated Trade Agenda in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program, co-funded by the Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund and the People’s Republic of China Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund.

Agenda – Service and Digital Economy Statistics Training

List of Participants

Key Documents

Session 1a Objectives and Agenda – Trade in Services Statistics (English, Mongolia)

Session 1b Objectives and Agenda – Digital Economy Statistics (English, Mongolia)

Session 2 – Characteristics of Services and Impact on Trade (English, Mongolia)

Session 3 – Role of Digital Economy and E-Commerce in National Accounts (English, Mongolia)

Session 4 – Classifications in SITS and FATS (English, Mongolia)

Session 5 – Strengthening NSO Role in E-Commerce (English, Mongolia)

Session 6 a AEIR 2022 Theme Chapter on digital services trade (English, Mongolia)

Session 6 b ARCII (English, Mongolia)

Session 7 – Measuring Services Transactions – Concepts (English, Mongolia)

Session 8 – Measuring Digital Economy and E-Commerce (English, Mongolia)

Session 9 – Collecting Data on SITS (English, Mongolia)

Session 10 – International Recommendations on Statistics Production – Intro (English, Mongolia)

Sessions 11 & 12 – The state of play regarding the production of SITS and FATS in Mongolia: availability and methodology, systems, tools and procedures in place, main difficulties faced, current projects, and technical support required

• Presentation by Central Bank of Mongolia (English, Mongolian)
• Presentation by Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia (English, Mongolian)
• Presentation by National Statistics Office (English, Mongolian)

Session 13 – Measuring Services Transactions – Cases (English, Mongolia)

Sessions 14 & 16 – International Recommendations on Statistics Production – core ICT indicators (English, Mongolia)

Session 15 – Measuring FATS (English, Mongolia)

Session 17 – Developing National Roadmaps (English, Mongolia)