6th Railway Working Group Meeting


CAREC member countries are now working to implement the Railway Strategy, for which ADB has mobilized a technical assistance (TA) project with the generous financial support of the People’s Republic of China Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund (PRCF), and the United Kingdom Fund for Asia Regional Trade and Connectivity (ARTCF). At its 6th meeting, the RWG will report on progress achieved in TA implementation, agree on next steps, and share knowledge and experience on railway commercialization, reform, and investment.

Key Documents

Agenda | Русский

List of Participants | Русский

Summary of Proceedings | Русский


Presentation Agenda | Русский

Session 3:  TA study of the situation of CAREC railways and opportunities for investment, commercialization and reform | Русский

Workshop 1: Track capacity and timetabling software | Русский

Session 4: Foundations for railway reform—case studies | Русский

Session 5: TA work plan for 2022/2023 | Русский

Session 6: Rolling Stock Needs & Financing Facility | Русский

Workshop 2: Cost price calculation of rail transport services | Русский