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Regional Cooperation on Increasing Cross-Border Energy Trading within the Central Asian Power System – Provision of Solutions to Bottlenecks to the Regional Power Trade (Subproject 2)

This is the second subproject which is being launched simultaneously with the first subproject - Modernization of Coordinating Dispatch Center Energiya (CDC). The technical assistance subproject will have the following outcome: cross-border clean energy trade increased using high-level technology by CDC.

Support to the Advisory Group on Railway Sector Development

As part of the Afghanistan National Railway Plan, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan wishes to expedite the construction of the Mazar-i-Sharif to Herat railway line (the MHR), which would connect with the existing Mazar-i-Shari to Hairatan railway line, and the Herat to Senghan line being constructed in phases, to form a continuous transit route between Central Asia and the Middle East/South Asia through Afghanistan.

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