Preparing the CAREC Corridors 1 and 3 Bishkek Northern Bypass Road Project


The current condition of the 34 km Bishkek Bypass road is poor with an average International Roughness Index (IRI) in excess of 8 meters per kilometer (m/km). The proposed upgrading and widening of the road will improve the IRI to less than 3 m/km.

Expected Outcome

This road improvement will contribute to regional cooperation through (i) linking the CAREC Corridors 1 and 3; (ii) providing global connectivity to the Bishkek FEZ and Dordoy Bazaar; and (iii) linking ABEC with Bishkek-Osh Road and Bishkek-Torugart Road. It will also improve domestic connectivity and reduce congestion in Bishkek city.

Expected Outputs

The proposed project will (i) reconstruct the Bishkek Northern Bypass Road; (ii) develop a green zone on both sides of the Bypass Road, subject to availability of land; (iii) implement road safety audit and institutional reforms; and (iv) conduct livelihood training for local residents using the existing Skills Development Fund and providing vocation training for car repairs, automobile upgrading, and other livelihoods suitable for both men and women

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 1.05
Government of the Kyrgyz Republic 0.05
Total 1.1