Strengthening Gender-Inclusive Growth in Central and West Asia, Additional Financing


The objective of the technical assistance (TA) is to strengthen capacity of Central and West Asia (CWA) developing member countries (DMCs) to mainstream gender in ADB-funded projects.

Expected Outcome

In March 2018, an extension of the TA to June 2019 was approved. The scope of the TA was expanded to better capacitate DMCs in incorporating gender elements during project processing, implementing gender action plans more effectively, and reporting rigorously on gender equality results at-exit.

Expected Outputs

The TA has three main outputs: (i) production of country-level gender information to inform country partnership strategies and ADB investments; (ii) piloting gender mainstreaming approaches to enhance gender outcomes in relevant sectors and to demonstrate strategies and approaches for scaling up or integrating gender in sector projects and programs; and (iii) strengthening the operational environment for gender mainstreaming in each participating DMC.

Project Types

Technical Assistance


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 0.5
Total 0.5