CAREC Workshop on Single Electronic Window Development

The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program is actively promoting the adoption of Single Window (SW) schemes to simplify and streamline transport, freight forwarding, trade logistics, customs, and other trade-related inspection operations; and to enhance the competitiveness of CAREC countries.

The workshop, co-sponsored by the Asian Development Bank and International Enterprise Singapore, discussed findings of case studies on pending issues on SW development in selected CAREC countries at various stages of implementing SW schemes. The workshop examined various issues on SW development, such as recent trends and best practices; discussed the development of national road maps for SW in CAREC countries; and explored approaches toward developing a CAREC SW road map.

Participants agreed a well-developed national SW is a necessary step for the eventual development of a regional CAREC SW. Consensus was reached that

  • countries, based on their own capacities, will establish timelines for national SW implementation;
  • ADB, through the CAREC Program, will help countries, based on their national road maps, to identify gaps and address key impediments to SW implementation through technical assistance or investment projects;
  • although the development of a regional SW is a long-term goal, preliminary work should be started through knowledge forums and situational analyses;
  • CAREC will exert more effort to engage other government agencies and private sector stakeholders in SW development forums; and
  • CAREC will support initiatives, particularly from private sector operators, to build regional business-to-business and business-to-government data exchange portals that connect to respective national SWs as a means to facilitate information flow.

Event Materials