CAREC Capacity Building Workshop "PRC’s experience in negotiating and implementing of FTAs"

The PRC’s experience in negotiating and implementing FTAs was shared with CAREC countries on 28 November 2022. DDG Mr. ZHAO Chunfeng, MOFCOM PRC, and Ms. Emma Fan, Director EAPF ADB, delivered opening remarks at the CAREC Regional Workshop. The workshop was organized by ADB in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, CAREC Institute, and RKSI team. MOFCOM experts presented the PRC’s experience in negotiating and implementing FTAs both on regional and bilateral level to CAREC officials, academia and researchers. Along with this CAREC countries had an opportunity to learn PRC’s foreign trade policy and key trend in the trade between CAREC counties and PRC. The sharing of the PRC’s experience is considered as an important element in capacity building and cross-learning amongst CAREC member countries

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