Uzbekistan Energy Snapshot 2015

Power Sector Snapshot (2015)

Installed capacity 12,945 MW
Generation Mix Thermal 85%
Hydro 11%
Others 4%
Generation 55,400 GWh
Consumption 55,494 GWh
Export 13,122 GWh
Import 13,126 GWh
  • Uzbekenergo is a state owned vertically integrated utility which is responsible for electricity generation, transmission and distribution in the country
  • With ten (10) thermal power plants and twenty-eight (28) hydro power plants, Uzbekenergo accounts for around 97% of the power consumption in Uzbekistan

Key power sector issues identified in the report (2016)

  • Power generation mix is heavily reliant on natural gas (90% of power generated). This limits opportunity for Uzbekistan to earn revenue from gas export
  • Most power plants are over 30 years old and have exceeded the normal economic life span of the asset
  • Uzbekistan is amongst the top 20 gas flaring countries in the world. Flared gas was estimated to be worth USD 500 million (approx.) in foregone export revenues
  • The eastern part of the country faces severe winter shortages as it mainly depends on hydro power plants for power generation and power imports from the Kyrgyz Republic

Source: ADB TA 8727: Study for a Power Sector Financing Road Map within