Kyrgyz Republic Energy Snapshot 2015

Power Sector Snapshot (2015)

Installed capacity 3,640 MW
Generation Mix Hydro 80%
Coal 20%
Generation 14,572 GWh
Consumption 14,786 GWh
Export 72 GWh
Import 286 GWh
  • Generation, transmission and distribution unbundled
  • 98% of generation capacity is by state-owned OJSC Electric Power Plants
  • Only 2% of power generated from privately owned small HPPs

Key power sector issues identified in the report (2016)

  • Six out of seven large hydropower plants having capacity of 2,990 MW (81% of the total generation) are located in the southern part of the country. On the contrary, the major loads are located in the northern region
  • Most of the existing generation assets are aged and efficiency have deteriorated almost by 50%
  • Water is usually spilled from reservoirs during summer. Leveraging high inflow during summer season to generate power will help boost power exports

Source: ADB TA 8727: Study for a Power Sector Financing Road Map within