Tajikistan Energy Snapshot 2015

Power Sector Snapshot (2015)

Installed capacity 5,157 MW
Generation Mix Hydro 92%
Oil and diesel 7%
Clean Energy 1%
Generation 16,472 GWh
Consumption 15,179 GWh
Export 1,326 GWh
Import 33 GWh
  • The electricity sector in Tajikistan is dominated by Barji Tojik Open Joint Stock Holding Company (BT OJSHC) –a wholly state owned and vertically integrated power utility
  • Tajikistan’s power grid consists of 3 separate electricity systems -the Northern, Southern region and Gorno-Badakhshan region

Key power sector issues identified in the report (2016)

  • Seasonal generation imbalances results in winter shortages impacting overall economy as energy costs amount to almost 3/5th of total GDP
  • Idle water discharge is a huge potential loss of power generated. Economic loss due to water spillages is estimated to be USD 90-225 Million per annum
  • Capacity of the transmission network is inadequate to transmit surplus power during summer. It has been estimated that around 3 Billion kWh of electricity (18.5% of current total generation) can be exported to other CAREC member countries

Source: ADB TA 8727: Study for a Power Sector Financing Road Map within