Afghanistan Energy Snapshot 2015

Power Sector Snapshot (2015)

Installed capacity 566 MW
Generation Mix Hydro 53%
Thermal (Diesel/HFO) 35.3%
Diesel generation sets 11.5%
Solar 0.2%
Generation 1,114 GWh
Consumption 5,784 GWh
Import 4,454 GWh
  • Power sector governed by Ministry of Energy and Water and operated by Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS)
  • Power system grouped into 4 networks -North East Power System, South East Power System, Herat Zone System and Turkmenistan System
  • Around 77% of energy consumption is met through power import from neighboring countries

Key power sector issues identified in the report (2016)

  • Skewed generation mix dominated by hydro sources (53%) necessitates inclusion of RE and thermal sources
  • Aged power generation, transmission & distribution systems requiring rehabilitation & modernization
  • Technical & commercial loss is estimated at around 35% which is very high compared to other Central Asian countries
  • At present, only 70% of the households in big cities (Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat) of Afghanistan, have access to power. One of the key goals of the Government is to ensure energy accessibility to the entire population

Source: ADB TA 8727: Study for a Power Sector Financing Road Map within