Turkmenistan Energy Snapshot 2015

Power Sector Snapshot (2015)

Installed capacity 4,764 MW
Generation Mix Natural Gas 99%
Hydro 1%
Generation 20,123 GWh
Consumption 16,040 GWh
Export ~3,200 GWh
  • Turkmenenergo is a vertically integrated state-owned utility which is responsible for generation, transmission and distribution in the country
  • At present, there are ten (10) thermal power plants (mainly use gas as fuel) and one (1) hydropower plant in operation to meet the requirements of both domestic and export

Key power sector issues identified in the report (2016)

  • Power sector accounts for around 15% of greenhouse gas emissions in Turkmenistan. Conversion of generation facilities to combine cycle will reduce emission by 3 million tonnes by 2020
  • Most of the transmission and distribution assets are very old with technical losses of approximately 13%
  • Energy infrastructure in rural areas is inadequate to ensure accessibility. The National Program of President of Turkmenistan till 2020 outlines construction of more than 24,000 km of power transmission lines in rural areas

Source: ADB TA 8727: Study for a Power Sector Financing Road Map within