Seminar on Trade Logistics and CAREC Corridor Performance Monitoring

The seminar reviewed the state of trade logistics in several CAREC countries and identified common issues or constraints related to further development. These issues could be addressed through broader transport and trade facilitation programs that ensure future investment and technical assistance projects are consistent with trade logistics development needs.

The seminar on performance measurement and monitoring of CAREC corridors proposed a comprehensive set of performance measurements to reflect the efficiency or quality of the CAREC transport and trade corridors’ three dimensions: (i) physical infrastructure (transport, logistics, and customs); (ii) customs and other trade/transport regulation and procedures; and (iii) trade logistics.

These include (i) UNESCAP’s “time/cost-distance” methodology to record the time and costs incurred in transporting goods from point to point along CAREC corridors; (ii) the World Customs Organization (WCO) “time release” method to measure the average time taken between the arrival of goods at a border post and their release to the importer/broker; and (iii) simplified trade logistics performance assessments.

The seminar was organized in conjunction with the CAREC Senior Officials’ Meeting on 24-25 April 2008.

Event Materials