Fifth CAREC Railway Working Group Meeting

To accelerate the implementation of the railway strategy, ADB approved on 14 November 2018 a technical assistance (TA) on Railway Sector Development in CAREC Countries with financial support from the People’s Republic of China Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund and the United Kingdom Fund for Asia Regional Trade and Connectivity.

The Fifth Meeting of the Railway Working Group aimed to report on progress made in the TA activities including rail sector assessments and traffic modelling, and to share key concepts and best practices in railway reform.

The meeting was held at the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) on 12–13 December 2019, succeeding the Sixth Meeting of the Working Group on the Trans-Asian Railway network.

Key Documents


Participants | РУССКИЙ

Summary of Proceedings | РУССКИЙ


Session 1: Report on Railway Sector Assessments | РУССКИЙ

Session 2: Transport Model | РУССКИЙ

Session 3: Field visit observations | РУССКИЙ

Session 5: Strengthening international railway transport in the ESCAP region

Session 6: Rail project preparation facility | РУССКИЙ

Session 7: Case Study – Reform of Azerbaijan State Railways | РУССКИЙ

Session 8: Government and Railway Sector Relationship – Infrastructure and PSO | РУССКИЙ

Session 9: TA knowledge and capacity development support | РУССКИЙ

Session 10: CAREC Railway TA Planning for 2020 | РУССКИЙ