CAREC Road Safety Engineering Manual 6: Identifying, Investigating, and Treating Blackspots

Identifying, Investigating, and Treating Blackspots is the 6th manual in the CAREC series of road safety engineering manuals.

This manual is a practical point of reference for removing high-frequency crash locations from roads in CAREC countries. The manual shows how to identify blackspots, crash patterns, and contributing factors, and how to assess which blackspots removal programs should prioritize. It includes case studies on proven ways of reducing crashes and highlights the importance of crash data. It shows how investing in addressing blackspots can save lives, prevent injuries, and return major economic benefits to CAREC countries.

This manual will help road safety engineers, planners, municipal engineers, traffic police, consultants, and representatives of design institutes and other agencies on how to identify, investigate and address hazardous road locations, or blackspots in CAREC countries.

About the CAREC Road Safety Engineering Manuals

The series of road safety engineering manuals of the CAREC Program came from the endorsement of the CAREC Road Safety Strategy 2017-2030 by member countries. The strategy supports and encourages CAREC authorities to plan, design, construct, and maintain safe roads.