CAREC Transport: Facing the Challenges, Seizing the Opportunities

The CAREC transport sector is a key driver of economic growth and development in the region. It allows goods and people to move around the region, which helps to boost trade and investment. However, the CAREC transport sector is facing a number of challenges, including obsolete infrastructure, congested roads and ports, poor or unreliable logistics services, bureaucratic regulations, lack of private sector participation, Inadequate funding, climate change, among others. 

The CAREC program provides key opportunities for the CAREC transport to address these challenges, through regional cooperation, investment in new infrastructure, technological innovation, and sustainable transport. 

The 20th Transport Sector Coordinating Committee (TSCC) meeting, in particular, offers an important opportunity for CAREC member countries and development partners to work together to improve the transport sector and achieve a more sustainable future. The 20th TSCC meeting is expected to: 

  • Serve as a platform for CAREC member countries and development partners to discuss the progress of the CAREC Transport Strategy 2030. 
  • Help identify challenges and opportunities for the future of CAREC transport. 
  • Develop a plan for the implementation of the CAREC Transport Strategy 2030. 
  • Promote the Paris Agreement Alignment (PAA) agenda in CAREC transport programs. 
  • Improve the efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility of the CAREC transport sector.