CAREC National Road Safety Engineering Workshop (Azerbaijan)

Officials from various government offices including economic and infrastructure planning; transport agencies; state traffic police; and emergency, health, and communication ministries learned about blackspot investigations, road safety audit, and planning safer roads.

The workshop is part of the CAREC National Road Safety Engineering Workshop series, which is designed to assist road agencies in CAREC countries in providing safer roads.

The workshop aimed to

  • introduce professionals from national highway authorities, provincial road agencies, national traffic police, consultants, nongovernment organizations, and other stakeholders to the key elements of the road safety engineering profession, and
  • provide guidance, advice, and knowledge to assist road authorities in CAREC countries to provide safer roads for all.

Key Documents



Training Materials

Summary of Baku RSE workshop

Road Safety Engineering—The Essentials | РУССКИЙ

Roadside Hazard Management | РУССКИЙ

Signs, Markings, and Delineation | РУССКИЙ

Pedestrian Safety | РУССКИЙ

Investigating Blackspots | РУССКИЙ

An Introduction to Road Safety Audit | РУССКИЙ

Safer Traffic Control at Road Works—The Essentials | РУССКИЙ

Intersection Safety | РУССКИЙ

Managing the Road Safety Audit Process | РУССКИЙ