Road Asset Management System and Performance-Based Contracting Training

Representatives from Ministries of Transport, Finance, Economic Development and Trade, Committee on Architecture and Construction, State Committee on Investments and State Property Management, Design Institute of Transport Infrastructure, State Enterprises on Road Facilities Management and Logistics Service, and private sector attended the 3-day technical training on road asset management system (RAMS) and performance-based contracting (PBC) training.

First Deputy Minister of Transport Suhrob Mirzozoda opened the meeting on behalf of Government of Tajikistan.

The training was designed specifically for Tajikistan officials. It introduced basic principles and concept of RAMS and PBC, presented best practices and solutions to common problems in road management, and provided guidance on how to design and implement a performance-based contract. Participants discussed how to integrate RAMS into the existing planning and budgeting procedures.

Key Documents

Agenda | РУССКИЙ



Session 1.1: Introduction to RAMS | РУССКИЙ

Session 1.2: Functions of a RAMS | РУССКИЙ

Session 1.3: Data to be Collected | РУССКИЙ

Session 1.4: Method of Data Collection | РУССКИЙ

Session 2.1: Data Processing and Management | РУССКИЙ

Session 2.2: Data Analysis and Planning | РУССКИЙ

Session 2.3: Road Asset Management | РУССКИЙ

Session 2.4: Conclusions and Way Forward | РУССКИЙ

Session 3.1: Introduction to Performance-Based Contracts | РУССКИЙ

Session 3.2: Performance Standards | РУССКИЙ

Session 3.3: Inspections and Payments | РУССКИЙ

Session 3.4: Conclusions and Way Forward | РУССКИЙ