Conference: Trade Facilitation in CAREC: A 10-year CPMM Perspective

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Key Materials




01 Trade Facilitation in CAREC: A 10-year CPMM PerspectiveРусский

02 CPMM Success Stories: Case of PakistanРусский

03 Analysis of the Impact of Trade Costs on exports of final and intermediate goods at micro and macro sectoral level in Central AsiaРусский

04 The effects of lockdowns on time to clear goods at the border of the CAREC countries during the COVID-19 pandemicРусский

05 Trade Facilitation, Infrastructure, and International Trade in Central Asian CountriesРусский

06 Geographical Proximity and Trade Impacts in the CAREC regionРусский

07 Non-tariff measures and time and costs at border crossing points of perishable goods: Impact on CAREC intra-regional trade  |  Русский

  1. Key Objectives
    The overall objective of the conference is to present findings of a study that identifies significant trade facilitation initiatives and development in CAREC countries, with evidence from the CAREC Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring (CPMM) data. The conference also aims to present selected studies that employ CPMM data and demonstrate how it can be used for policy formulation in the region and for deepening academic research in relevant areas.
  2. Target Participants
    This conference will gather leading academics, policymakers, and international organizations to discuss the studies and policy implications related to CAREC transport and trade facilitation and how CPMM data and findings can be used to support policy formulation in the region.

Supported under KSTA 9832: Partnership with the Private Sector for Sustainable Trade Facilitation Results in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program funded by the Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund.