3rd Technical Working Group Meeting on CAREC Advance Transit System/Information Common Exchange Pilot Phase Implementation

ADB is supporting the implementation of the CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda (CITA) 2030 by enhancing the capacity of customs agencies and the CAREC Customs Cooperation Committee (CCC) to better respond to the rapidly evolving trade environment in CAREC countries and increasing private sector demand for better services. The development of regional transit trade is one of the CCC priority areas and a major concern for the landlocked CAREC countries. ADB continues its work to assist the CAREC Program in operationalizing the testing period of the CAREC Advanced Transit System (CATS) and Information Common Exchange (ICE).

CATS/ICE is a regional harmonized electronic system for controlling the movement of goods in transit through CAREC member states. It aims to help trade flow smoothly and efficiently across borders and enhance the CAREC region’s position in the dynamic global and regional supply chains. The CAREC CATS/ICE architecture provides a single exchange of transit data and allows for implementing a comprehensive transit guarantee mechanism where national legislation enables this facility to be introduced.

Key Documents

Agenda | RUS



Session 1: CATS/ICE Implementation Status | RUS

Session 2: CATS Data Model Comparison | RUS

Session 3: Scenarios to be used for the Testing Phase | RUS

Session 3: Pilot Evaluation and Reporting | RUS

Session 4: Access to ICE and Helpdesk | RUS

Session 8: Accession of Georgia to the CTC and Launching of the NCTS | RUS

Session 8: Implementation of the Common Transit Procedure: Legal Aspects | RUS

KSTA 9824: Better Customs for Better Client Services in Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Countries, co-funded by the Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund; the PRC Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund; United Kingdom Fund for Asia Regional Trade and Connectivity, and Republic of Korea e-Asia and Knowledge Partnership Fund.