Modernization of Hydropower Stations in Tashkent, Shakhrikhan and Kadirya

The project will replace and install generators, turbines, communication, and auxiliary equipment to increase the generating capacities of these hydropower stations up to 70 megawatts in total. Read More


September 2014

  • 13th CCC Meeting
  • Uzbekistan Risk Management Training and Systems Assessment Workshop


  • Revitalizing Industrial Growth in Pakistan: Trade, Infrastructure, and Environmental Performance

  • CAREC Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring Annual Report 2013

  • The Eurasian Connection : Supply-Chain Efficiency along the Modern Silk Route through Central Asia

  • Analysis of Informal Obstacles to Cross-Border Economic Activity in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

  • Climate Change and Sustainable Water Management in Central Asia

  • Regional Economic Outlook Update: Middle East & Central Asia (May 2014)

  • Asian Development Outlook 2014: Fiscal Policy for Inclusive Growth

  • Together We Deliver: 10 Stories from ADB-Supported Projects with Clear Development Impacts

  • “At the Border” and “Behind the Border”: Integrated Trade Facilitation—Reforms and Implementation

  • CAREC Transport and Trade Facilitation Strategy 2020

  • Unstoppable: The Hairatan to Mazar-e-Sharif Railway Project Performance-Based Operation and Maintenance Contract

  • CAREC in Tajikistan: Building a Global Future

  • From Landlocked to Linked In: The Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program

  • CAREC Development Effectiveness Review 2012: Implementing CAREC 2020 – Vision and Action

  • CAREC Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring Annual Report 2012

  • Where to from Here? Corridor-based Transport Facilitation Arrangements in the CAREC Region

  • CAREC 2020: A Strategic Framework for the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program 2011–2020