Road Map to Developing a Regional Risk Transfer Facility for CAREC

The CAREC region is highly exposed to natural hazards, particularly earthquakes and floods, and the adverse economic impacts of climate change. A regional disaster risk transfer facility could help CAREC countries diversify risk, reduce costs, increase access to international insurance and capital markets, and coordinate risk analysis and modeling. This report draws on lessons from other regions to explore opportunities and options for developing a CAREC Risk Facility. It suggests next steps in establishing a facility and considers the role of stakeholders including the Asian Development Bank.


Дорожная карта создания регионального механизма передачи рисков для ЦАРЭС (Road Map to Developing a Regional Risk Transfer Facility for CAREC)
В этом отчете описывается, как Программа Центральноазиатского регионального экономического сотрудничества (ЦАРЭС) могла бы создать механизм передачи рисков стихийных бедствий, чтобы помочь странам-членам усилить управление рисками.