Mongolia: Aimags and Soums Green Regional Development Investment Program – Tranche 1


The program represents a fundamental paradigm shift in applying a transformative model to promote green territorial development and urban-rural linkages, whereby livable human settlements - aimag (province) and soum (subunit of an aimag) centers - become anchors of green agribusinesses that promote sustainable, resilient, and high-carbon sequestration rangeland management. Initially focusing on Mongolia's western aimags, the program will promote climate finance and private sector investment mechanisms that can be replicated countrywide.

Expected Outcome

Green and inclusive agro-territorial development advanced

Expected Outputs

Climate-resilient, low- carbon, and attractive aimag and soum centers developed Climate-resilient, high-carbon sequestration, and sustainable rangeland and agricultural management implemented Accessible financing for low-carbon and climate-resilient livestock and agro-business value chains created (financial intermediation loan component) Institutional capacity and policies on low-carbon and climate-resilient agro-territorial development strengthened

Project Types

Grant, Loan


Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
Asian Development Bank 140.2 Loan
Asian Development Bank 28 Grant
European Investment Bank 10.5 Grant
European Investment Bank 52.9
Total 231.6