Kyrgyz Renewable Energy Development Project


The development objective of the Renewable Energy Development Project for Kyrgyz Republic is to increase renewable energy generation and promote private sector participation in Kyrgyz Republic. The project comprises of three components. The first component, rehabilitation and construction of small and medium‐scale hydropower plants will support priority investments and provide technical assistance and capacity‐building activities aimed at increasing hydro capacity in the country to meet growing energy demand and enhance power supply reliability. It consists of following sub-components: (i) construction of new hydropower plant and rehabilitation of existing hydropower plant; and (ii) technical studies and consultancy services. The second component, strengthening transmission system for variable renewable energy integration will prepare the power system for increased deployment and integration of renewable energy, with a focus on supporting small hydro in the near future and the solar pilot project which is planned in phase 2 using the World Bank guarantee instrument. It consists of following sub-components: (i) grid enforcement and strengthening to facilitate the integration of hydro and solar power; and (ii) technical assistance and capacity building. The third component, institutional strengthening and project implementation support will finance activities aimed at strengthening the technical, operational, and management functions of Ministry of Energy (MoE) and other key stakeholders and ensuring effective project implementation.

Expected Outcome

To increase hydropower generation and enable renewable energy integration by strengthening transmission systems in Kyrgyz Republic

Expected Outputs

Project Types



Funding AgencyAmount (USD millions)Notes
World Bank 80.2
Total 80.2