Milestones in CAREC Transport


The 15th CAREC Ministerial Conference unanimously endorsed two strategies to (i) promote safety along CAREC corridors and (ii) provide a blueprint for long-term development of CAREC railways.

These two strategies were formulated over the past 2 years by the CAREC member countries and development partners, facilitated by Asian Development Bank in its role as the CAREC secretariat.

Safely Connected: A Regional Road Safety Strategy for CAREC Countries (2017-2030) provides the framework to make CAREC corridors safe, efficient, and attractive for all road users. The strategy resulted from intensive consultation between country representatives, road safety experts, private sector stakeholders, and development partners.

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Unlocking the Potential for Railways: A Railway Strategy for CAREC (2017-2030) serves as a guiding document for the long-term development of CAREC railways. The strategy was jointly developed by CAREC country representatives in cooperation with development partners, railway operators, stakeholders and experts. The strategy equips the region’s railways to better capture evolving trade flows and contribute to regional economic development.

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