CAREC Energy Sector Coordinating Committee Meeting (April 2019)

The meeting was opened by Ashok Bhargava, director of Energy Division in Central and West Asia Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Sherzod Khodjaev, deputy minister of energy, Government of Uzbekistan.

Development partners from CAREC Institute, Islamic Development Bank, USAID, and World Bank joined the meeting and provided updates on their current initiatives on energy sector.

During the one-day meeting, country delegates presented updates on recent developments in energy sector, including

  • ongoing sector and SOE reforms;
  • progress on regional projects in energy trade;
  • experience of micro hydro power plants; and
  • potential for solar power, including the proposed project for electrifying border districts in Afghanistan using off-grid solar technology.

In this meeting, the discussion on the new CAREC Energy Sector Strategy (CAREC Energy Strategy 2030) was started and participants exchanged views on the proposed vision and preliminary building blocks for the new strategy.


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