CAREC University Startup Generator 2023: Workshop - Disruptive Innovation and Investor Expectations

On March 7, CAREC Secretariat held an online workshop for CAREC University Startup Generator 2023 participants focusing on Disruptive Innovation and Investor Expectations.

Disruptive innovation transforms expensive or highly sophisticated products or services—previously accessible to a high-end or more-skilled segment of consumers—to those that are more affordable and accessible to a broader population by displacing long-standing, established competitors.

The workshop was led by Jeff Walace and Kal Deutsch, co-founders of Silicon Valley in Your Pocket. The session aimed to help students reflect on their brainstorming and idea validating process, and discuss what disruption means, its value, and how it can be brought to a particular market. Additionally, the trainers discussed the Silicon Valley culture, as well as the different expectations of investors and how to entice them to support disruptive innovation.

The CAREC University Startup Generator Challenge is a part of the CAREC Digital Strategy 2030, which aims to foster innovation in university startup ecosystems across the CAREC region.

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