CAREC Innovation Network - Members Workshop: Fundraising and Accessing the Singapore Startup Ecosystem

The CAREC Innovation Network (CIN) hosted its third workshop on April 18th, which focused on providing a comprehensive guide for startups looking to raise funds and expand their businesses internationally, with a particular emphasis on the Singapore startup ecosystem.

The event featured Mustafa Rasheed, an angel investor and startup ecosystem expert, who shared his insights and expertise with an audience of 25+ ecosystem developers and startups. In his talk, Mustafa shared tips and tricks on how to connect with Angel Investors, and good practices for Founders looking to raise funds internationally.

The session was engaging and insightful as several good questions on legalities, regulations, and investments were raised and discussed. By organizing workshops such as this one, CIN aims to facilitate connections between key entrepreneurial ecosystem builders across CAREC and promote the growth of the startup ecosystem in the region. 

Key Documents