Third CAREC Regional Trade Group Meeting

The CAREC Regional Trade Group Meeting, chaired by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce Minister Abdul Karim Malikyar discussed the implementation of the CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda 2030. Asian Development Bank (ADB) East Asia Department (EARD) Director General James Lynch delivered opening remarks. The meeting welcomed the initiatives on services trade, e-commerce, and World Trade Organization (WTO) accession. ADB Regional Cooperation and Integration Division (ERCI) Senior Economist James Villafuerte presented on managing trade recovery in a session moderated by WTO. Over 80 officials and development partners participated

The event was supported by KSTA 9712: Implementing the Integrated Trade Agenda in the CAREC Program, co-funded by the Regional Cooperation and Integration Fund and the PRC Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund.

Key Documents

Agenda | РУССКИЙ



Session 1: Managing the COVID-19 Impact on Trade in CAREC Countries | РУССКИЙ

Session 2: CAREC Integrated Trade Agenda 2030 and Rolling Strategic Action Plan: Progress of Implementation and Next Steps | РУССКИЙ

Session 4: Development Partners Interventions | РУССКИЙ

Session 5: Deliverables and Preparations for the Ministerial Conference | РУССКИЙ