CAREC Development Partners' Meeting

Asian Development Bank (ADB) Central and West Asia Department (CWRD) Director General Werner Liepach and World Bank Regional Director for Central Asia Lilia Burunciuc opened the meeting.

ADB East Asia Department Director General Amy Leung, CWRD Senior Advisor Muhammad Ehsan Khan, and 40 representatives from 16 multilateral and bilateral organizations attended the meeting.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the experience with development partners’ engagement in CAREC and to explore how the role and cooperation of development partners can be strengthened in support of an effective implementation of the CAREC 2030 strategy.

The meeting also aimed to explore whether and how best to organize a full-fledged Development Partners’ Forum in 2020, as part of the events planned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of CAREC.

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Quick Recap of the CAREC 2030 Strategy

CAREC and its Development Partners: A Retrospective