8th Railway Working Group Meeting

The main objectives of the seventh meeting of the RWG are to report on progress achieved in TA implementation, agree on next steps, and share knowledge and experience on railway commercialization, reform and investment: At this 8th meeting, main findings of two studies, rail corridor development and the rolling stock financing study, will be presented. The program will also include sessions on (i) rail-port connectivity and (ii) the use of modern IT-systems in railway organizations.

Key Documents

  1. Agenda | RU
  2. Participants | RU
  3. Summary of Proceedings | RU


Session 1: Update on TA activities and Work Plan | RU

Session 2: Central Asian rail corridors: Priorities for intervention | RU

Session 3: Port-rail connectivity along the Caspian Sea; requirements and opportunities | RU

Session 4: Rolling stock financing | RU

Session 5: Azerbaijan Railways’ (ADY) recent experience in Middle Corridor rail and port operations | RU

Workshop 1: Modern accounting standards in railway organizations | RU

Workshop 2: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in railway organizations | RU

Session 6: TA planning and identification of new TA activities | RU